You can use these lines as a seperation in your content, or as a quick link to, for example, the top of the page.


Shortcode: [line]

Creates a horizontal line.

Line link

Shortcode: [linelink]

Creates a horizontal line with a link to the left or right of it.

Optional Parameters
  • align ( default: right )
    Modifies the alignment of the link.
    Possible Values:
    • left
    • right ( default )
  • text ( default: top )
    The text of the link
  • url ( default: top )
    Specify the location where the user should be taken after clicking on the link
    Possible Values:
    • top ( default ) - takes the user to the top of the page
    • #section - the id of an HTML element on the page, preceded by a hash will take the user to that area on the page
    • url - any regular url can be used as well