Google maps

Shortcode: [map]

Embeds a Google Map into your content

Required Parameters
  • location ( default: none )
    An address which the map should be centered on
Optional Parameters
  • zoom ( default: 10 )
    The zoom setting for the map, the higher number the higher the zoom
    Possible Values:
    • 0 - 24
  • popup ( default: false )
    If set to true a white popup box will show the address in the map
    Possible Values:
    • true
    • false
  • height ( default: 400px )
    Modify the height of the map
    Possible Values:
    • height value - Any valid CSS value ( px is recommended )
  • width ( default: 100% )
    Modify the width of the map
    Possible Values:
    • width value - Any valid CSS value, 100% is strongly recommended though. If you want to put a map in a column it will still scale to the column width.